PharmaInsights from SQLSquare Is a platform consists of integrated applications that solve Sales Data Management challenges and streamline management of Professional Allowances for Pharmaceutical Manufactures.

PharmaInsights Platform digitizes Sales and Territory Management processes for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers that your existing ERP and CRM solutions are unable to address. PharmaInsights platform solutions complements the existing ERP and CRM solutions in use today.

PharmaInsights Platform solutions include:

  • PharmaSMS – A Sales and Territory Management System for accurately tracking sales of your products from distributors to pharmacies.  Learn More.. 
  • PharmaAnalytics – Extensive Analytics, Dashboarding and Reporting solution to derive real intelligence from Sales and Territory management Data. The data source can be PharmaSMS or your existing system. Learn More..
  • PharmaAdvantage – A set of algorithms utilizing your sales, industry and market data to detect favorable market conditions to optimize the discounts and allowances. Learn more..
  • PharmaForecast – Sales Planning and Forecasting Environment for planning and setting targets for Salesforce.  Learn more..

PharmaSMS is a Sales, Professional Allowance and Commissions Management System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. PharmaSMS digitizes the Sales and Territory Management processes and eliminates the challenges associated with management of Tier 2 (Distributor to Pharmacy) sales, management of professional allowance and commission management.

PharmaAnalytics is a Analytics, Reporting and Dashboarding solutions built upon Microsoft PowerBI platform. PharmaAnalytics enables pharmaceutical manufacturers gain insights into the Tier 2 Sales Environment like never before. The platform can target PharmaSMS database or customize to integrate with your existing data sources.

PharmaAdvantage is a solution utilizing proprietary algorithms utilizing your Sales, Industry and Market Data to detect favourable market condition that can trigger adjustments to professional allowance rates to optimize the bottom line.

PharmaForecast is a planning and budgeting framework for marketing and sales departments for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Using the historical Tier 2 sales, it helps derive and calculate the sales target to individual customer level in product quantity and amounts.



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