PharmaSMS is a Sales, Professional Allowance and Commissions Management System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. PharmaSMS digitizes the Sales and Territory Management processes and eliminates the challenges associated with management of Tier 2 (Distributor to Pharmacy) sales, management of professional allowance and commission management. 


Gain Visibility into Tier 2 Sales

Understand how your products are distributed

Understand how your products are distributed

PharmaSMS helps you consolidate the Tier 2 Sales Data from your distributors and gain insights on sales of your products.

Manage Complex PA Rate Structures

Liberate your back office from complex spreadsheets

Manage Complex PA Rate Structures

Manage Professional Allowance Rate structures Granularity.

Pay PA promptly and accurately

Pay Professional Allowances promptly and accurately

Pay PA promptly and accurately

PharmaSMS allows you to calculate Professional Allowances accurately and quickly and enable you to pay them promptly.


Manage your Sales Data
Maintain Distributors including Fee for Services , Maintain Distributor transaction file format
Define and maintain Sales Territories and their hierarchy. Define and manage zones per territory.
Maintain database of Pharmacies (your Tier 2 customers). Associate customers with territory and zones. Maintain marketing agreements with customers. Manage secondary affiliations.
Maintain Master Banners and Banners (Buying Groups).  Maintain net pricing and corporate products.
Maintain molecules (Product Groups) and SKUs (Products).
Manage Default Professional Allowance Rates at either Molecule or SKU level.
Classify products using Product Classes at Molecule level or Classify products using Product Classification at SKU level.
Maintain per province pricing at SKU level.
Maintain COGS at SKU Level.
Maintain history of changes in Pricing and COGS.
Professional Allowance payments types can be defined and customized to suit your requirements. Gift Certificates are available.
Manage complex Rate Structures
Maintain PA Rates at a granular level, at per Customer per Molecule and/or per Customer per SKU level.

Bulk rate update feature to update PA Rates based on number of different criteria. Criteria include multiple selection of customers, banners, products (SKUs), molecules, territories and any combination thereof.

Sales Reps can change the PA Rates for their own customers.

What-if Scenarios for understanding impact of rate changes at a customer level

Approval Workflows include auto approval of PA Rate changes if they are below Maximum spend rate defined in the system OR to send for an approval from manager OR customizable as per your requirements.

Maintain commission rates at a granular level, at per Customer per Molecule and/or at per Customer per SKU level.

Apply Commission Rates either on Gross Sales or Net Sales depending upon your requirements.

Bulk rate update feature to update commission rates based on number of different criteria. Criteria include multiple selection of customers, banners, products, molecules, territories and any combination thereof.

Consolidate and Manage Tier 2 Transactional Data
  • Map Distributor data files to PharmaSMS’s normalized transaction format
Load Distributor Transactional Data Periodically (monthly)

Interactively map distributor’s customers and product codes to manufacturer’s customer and product codes while importing sales transactions into PharmaSMS

Store mappings of customer and product codes between distributors and manufacturer’s respective codes to significantly reduce efforts for data loads for subsequent periods.
Store Sales Transactions in the system for variety of purposes including Calculation of Professional Allowance, Commissions, Net Sales, Gross Margin and variety of reporting and analysis purposes
Calculate and Process
Calculate Gross Sales, Net Sales and Margins
Calculate PA (Spend) Amount to customers on a monthly basis using the PA Rates and other specifics.
Calculate Commissions Amount for Sales Reps on a monthly basis as per your specific requirements.
Process Payments
Automatically generate PA payment transactions.

Sales Rep can manually add PA Payment transaction

Automatic approve of PA Payment Transactions based on criteria

Approval Workflows for PA Payment Transactions that are not qualifies for Automatic approvals.

Automatically generate commission payment transactions
Integrate with your existing payment processing system
Gain Insights – Reporting
Reporting Include
Sales Reports by Customer, Molecule, SKU
Trending and Ranking Reports
Summary Reports

Variety or reporting to represent Sales, PA and Commission; user can view reporting by customer, molecule, product, territory and classifications.

Reports for Reps and Customer to support the Sales and Spend

PA Reporting

Spend Reports by Customer, Molecule, SKU, Territory, Banner, Period and any combination thereof.

Spend Verification Report to distribute to customers

Reports for Reps and Management for commissions
Variety of Reporting designed to help you meet Regulatory requirements
Customization existing reporting or addition of new reporting available through our Consulting Services (Link)

For Advanced Reporting, Business Intelligence, Dashboards and KPI, checkout our PharmaAnalytics solution


PharmaSMS Web

PharmaSMS Web application is full featured, user and device friendly web Application.

Available on:
Desktop Tablet Smart Phone
PharmaSMS Desktop

PharmaSMS Desktop is a Windows Application. PharmaSMS is a fully featured client.

Windows Desktop



Integrates with your existing Systems


Interfaces with your existing systems

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Payment Processing


Choose from a variety of deployment options


Deployment Options include

  • Cloud Hosting
  • On-Premise Hosting
  • Hybrid


Scales as your business grows


Deployment Options include

  • Scales as you business grows
  • Scales as per your performance requirements


Helps you meet compliance requirements


  • Keeps and stores audit Records for all user actions
  • Maintains history for PA & Commission rate changes


Meets all modern security requirements


  • Role Based Access Control to Features
  • Scope based data access


Choose from a variety of pricing models

Choice of Pricing Models

Pricing Models include

  • Pay as you Use
  • Annual or Monthly Subscription

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