PharmaSMS is a Sales, Professional Allowance and Commissions Management System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. PharmaSMS digitizes the Sales and Territory Management processes and eliminates the challenges associated with management of Tier 2 (Distributor to Pharmacy) sales, management of professional allowance and commission management. 


PharmaAnalytics is a Analytics, Reporting and Dashboarding solutions built upon Microsoft PowerBI platform  of PharmaSMS. PharmaAnalytics enables pharmaceutical manufacturers gain insights into the Tier 2 Sales Environment like never before. The platform can target PharmaSMS database or customize to integrate with your existing data sources. 


PharmaAdvantage is a solution utilizing proprietary algorithms utilizing the market and industry data to detect favourable market condition that can trigger adjustments to  professional allowance rates  to optimize the bottom line.  


PharmaForecast is a planning and budgeting tool for marketing and sales departments for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Using the historical Tier 2 sales, it helps derives and calculates the sales target to individual customer level in product quantity and amounts.  



Our consultants and highly experienced specialists

  • Work with you to review your existing tools and processes, understand the challenges that you face and compile requirements for successful implementation of one or more PharmaInsights Solution

  • Configure, Customize and implement one or more PharmaInsights Solutions as per your unique requirements

  • Support with organizational change management throughout the implementation of the selected solution
  • Help your sales force and backend staff  be more productive

PharmaAnalytics Solution has enabled our Management Team and Sales Reps to make necessary decisions in time.

Director - Business Intelligence , Canadian Operations, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

PharmaSMS has streamlined our backend processes and we are able to pay professional allowances with in 4 business days following the month-end. This is best in the industry.

Vice President - Sales, Canadian Operations - Multinational Pharmaceutical Company